Words to an old song

A, you're adorable,

B, you're so beautiful,

C, you're a cutie full of charm,

D, you're delightful (delectable or darling) and

E, you're exciting and

F, you're the fairest in my heart, (a feather in my arms)

G, you're so good to me,(you look good to me)

H, you're (we're) so heavenly,

I, you're the one I idolize,

J, we're like Jack and Jill,

K, you're so kissable,

L , you're the love light in my eyes,( is the love light in
your eyes)

M,N,O,P, I could go on all day

Q,R,S,T, alphabetically speaking you're okay,

U, you make my life complete,

V, means you're very sweet,

It's fun to wander through, the alphabet with you,
to tell you what you mean to me.