ABC's for Daddy


courtesy of Sue Pianka at Sue’s Place - My Virtual Scrapbook (really cool site!)

Title Page: Why I Love You - A to Z

A is for the admiration I Have for everything you are

B is because you’re the best of the best

C is for the contributions you have made

D is for the delight I feel in being your child

E is for the ethics you apply to every transaction

F is for fantastic father and friend

G is for Grandfather

H is for the most honest man I know

I is for the ideals you hold

J is for Jack of all trades, there’s nothing you can’t

K is for the kindness you show

M is for the morals you uphold

N is for the nice neighbor you’ve always been

O is for the oodles of outstanding things you do

P is for your practical approach to life’s challenges

Q is for the quality you bring to every job

R is for your remarkable sense of responsibility

S is for the sacrifices you made for us

T is for the trust you had in us

U is for your uncomplaining ways

V is for the volunteer you’ve always been

W is for your wisdom and your wit

X is for all the hugs and kisses you deserve

Y is for being young at heart

Z is for the zillion other reasons that I love you.

Last Page: Thank you for being such a wonderful
role model for us and our children.