yellow brush
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Posted by Denny on the Stampin and Scrappin Message Board on November 20, 1998

YELLOW PEN IDEAS by P. Kohagura and D.L. Watson

1. Outline the white stickers so they can be seen (like the bunny, lily or church).

2. Draw a jagged cloud-type shape, color it yellow, and write WOW! inside. Or for those golfing pictures, FORE!

3. Enhance camping stickers by outlining campfire & creating a beam for the flashlight.

4. Draw a sunflower and color the petals yellow and the center brown with plaid lines.

5. Draw black lines and highlight with yellow and orange pens for 4th of July sparklers.

6. Draw a lemonade stand in the corner of a page and draw lemons and glasses yellow.

7. Lay the pen flat on its side (which makes a nice teardrop shape) Turn your page and imprint several times -you'll have a flower! Now just add a center using a darker pen.

8. Combine with other pens - for Fall borders use orange or brown with yellow: for Easter use pink and purple with yellow. Try a Borderline to create two parallel borders and full the center with yellow.

9. Draw a popcorn box with the black pen, add stripes with the red calli pen, then make popcorn by drawing a cluster of 3 solid yellow circles and & outlining loosely in black.

10. Draw a sign with jagged edges (to make it look wooden) then fill in with yellow and write your page title.

11. Fill in the windows of the die-cut church, schoolhouse, cathedral window, etc so it looks like the lights are on!

12. Highlight the candles on the die-cut birthday cake or highlight your candle stickers to really make them shine

13. Highlight the black ABC sticker letters by outlining in yellow (or just highlight one side of each letter)

14. Write a bold title in yellow then create a shadow effect by lining the tops and left sides of each letter in a different color.

15. Draw yellow strings to match the yellow balloon stickers.

16. Paint " border along the bottom of the page and put the autumn border stickers about 3/8" from bottom.

17. Paint a 1/4 inch border along all four edges of your page for a fun, bright look.

18. Fill in the squares of your film-frame die-cuts.

19. Draw a "flash" coming from the camera die-cut.

20. Use quick, straight strokes along with the brown pen to make hay for pumpkin patch or hay ride photos.

21. Make a rope. Draw a wavy line to connect the cowboy hat and boot die cuts. Then outline the "rope" with the brown micron pen using small scalloping strokes, and then
draw lines across the rope to connect the scallops.

22. Make the sun die-cut really light up, or make rays going from the top of the church die cut.

23. Color in the face of the pumpkin die cut and the candle is lit!

24. Draw crisscrossed logs and make flames with the yellow and orange pens.

25. Draw a baby chick for Easter or yellow duck for the bathtub.