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Courtesy of Scrapbook Information Network


A- Announcement

B- Bride, Bridesmaids, Best Man

C- Church, Cake, Clergy

D- Dating, Dance

E- Engagement, Engagement Ring, Entertainment

F- Family and Friends

G- Groom, Groomsmen, Guests, Gifts


I- Invitation

J- Justice of the Peace, Joined in marriage (photo of first kiss)

K- Keepsakes, Kisses

L- Love, Leg (photo of the garter on the bride's leg)

M- Marriage Certificate, Minister, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor


O- Opening the gifts

P- Priest, Presents, Parents, Pastor, Personal Attendant

Q- Question (who popped the question, when where, how),
Quotes (advice)

R- Rehearsal, Relatives, Reception, Rings

S- Showers, Songs (special songs or songs played at the wedding)

T- Toss ( the bouquet and garter)

U- Ushers

V- Vows

W- Wedding

X- Xtra Special Memories, Xtra Special Moments

Y- Youth (photos when the bride and groom were young), Yes (the story of how the proposal was accepted)

Z- Zoom (close up photo of the bride and groom)

Written by Christine Peters (revised slightly by Jennia Hart)