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Posted by Denny on The Stampin and Scrappin Message Board on November 19, 1998

ABC Letter substitutions:

(You may want to add a small sticker (heart, flower, star), etc. at the place where you made splices. If you add a few more of the same stickers to a few of the other stickers it
will look really neat. In some cases the punctuation marks on the number set can be used to alter a letter.)

A - use and upside down V and any other straight piece of another letter

B - use an R by trimming it a little and putting a sticker to cover the missing part

B - use a D and add a sticker where needed

C - form it from an O, G, Q, a zero, a six or an upside down D

D - use a C, O, G or Q and add a straight piece from a letter you donít think you will use

D - trim away part of the B and use a sticker to cover where needed

E - use and F and the bottom of an L

E - trim off part of the B

F - trim off some of the E, B, P or R

G - add a straight piece to the C

H - use 2 Is and a small straight piece

I - trim a little off the bottom of the "J" and place a sticker over it.

I - use the number 1 and add a sticker where needed - you may want to turn it upside down

J - trim the I a little and add stickers as needed

K - trim off part of the R and add stickers as needed

L - trim off part of an E

M - use an upside down W

N - use a Z on itís side

O - Trim the "Q" to be an "O".

O - use the zero

P - trim off the R or B

Q - add a piece to the O or zero

R - use a "B" and the "stem" of the "L" or "I".

R - use the "P" and cut a piece from a letter you don't think you will use to make the other leg

S - carefully trim the 5, 8 or "and" symbol

T - add a piece as need to the I, L or number one

U - trim off part of the O, Q or zero

V - use part of the W, A or X

W - use 2 V's or an upside down M


Y - take the top half of an X and attach it to the lower half of an I or a T. There is a need to trim the width where the two letters adjoin so that the seam is not noticeable (or put a small sticker there).

Y - use stickers mixed around with your word and have one completely cover the lower part of the "Y". The secret is that you do not actually use a "Y" -- instead use the top part of the "X". An "X" will make two extra "Yís" this way!

Z - use an N on its side

Use the ABC/123 sticker leftover outlines by putting them over photos spelling out names (especially good for vacations). Either cut around the letters or quicker, cut into blocks.

* Use up your left-over letters by mixing two, three, or more colors together. Lay out your sticker sheets and keep re-arranging them until you have the right letters from each
color. (ex. You can spell "EASTER" in pink, blue, and yellow. You may not have a blue "A" but have a yellow "A" -- so make sure yellow is the second color.)

* Make rainbow titles by alternating your letter stickers as follows: bright pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. A cute border that continues this theme is to keep
going around your page with micro hearts and stars in the same color order, repeating as you go around the page.

* Use the leftover white part of the letters to outline paper to get double duty from each letter. Cut out each letter and adhere it to a small square of mounting paper. (This really looks cute with pretty paper, like the dark green letters on dark green gingham paper.)

* Use a sticker or sticker composition in place of a letter you may be missing.

* When using the 123's to write dates, don't forget you can turn a "6" upside down to make a "9".

* Use the rarely used letters like "Q", "X", and "Z" to make small building blocks for baby pages.

* Use several "Z's" for a person who is sleeping... negative "Zís" are great also.

* An "X" can be used like a ribbon on a package, stick a coordinating bow at the cross.

* The centers from letters and numbers make neat dots, confetti, raindrops, etc.

* Make a jiffy border using extra letters. Randomly place letters on a sheet of photo mounting paper cut lengthwise in half. (Try different colored letters on gold paper.) Then
cut this sheet down the middle into two strips, and then each strip again in half, for a total of four 1" by 11" border strips!