Misc. Sayings
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No one will invent and no one ever did, A happier pair Than a dog and a kid!

Tubs full of bubbles and bedtime tales.

Tricycle parades and cookie crumb trails.

Popsicle kisses and big bear hugs, Little boy trains and jars full of bugs.

Life's filled with wonder and always a joy, When you share life with your little boy.

courtesy of Dynail Miller, http://home1.gte.net/saraka4/index.htm


A friend hugs my heart

Gallery of friends (mat each one like a painting)

A friend is a rare book where only one copy was made

A friend...... You can lean on em!

A friend like you is a special hug from God.

My friends

Friend to Friend, Heart to Heart

Friends love all the time

Sister and friend two words that mean the same

Rain or shine, You'll always be a friend of mine!

Friends gather like flowers

Friends are like puppies, everyoneís gotta have one..

If friends were flowers..... I'd pick you!

Real friends listen to there heart

Special friends bring special memories

Happiness is being married to your best friend

I've had many friends which whom I've shared my time,

But very few with whom I've shared my heart.



Cute as a button!

KIDS at play

You are my sunshine

No earthly joys could bring more pleasure than a little
girl/boy to love and treasure.

A star is born

Babies are life's most precious gift!

Children learn what they live

Our little angel

Growing like a weed!


Its the smile that keeps me outta trouble!

Twinkle Little Star

Welcome little one.

Sugar and spice and everything nice; thatís what little
girls are made of.

Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails; Thatís what little boys are made of.

ARK rides given here

Childhood such a journey, not a race.

Hush little baby!

ABCDEGF... Tell me what you think of me!

Nature Boy/Girl

Our gift from the Lord!

Rock - A - Bye Baby

What a miracle

Terrible Two's...Terrific Twos!

Little girls are so very special

Little boys are so very special

Cute things I say and do.

All about me from A to Z Great for a ABC album title page!

Momma don't allow no poutin here!


Where you raised in a barn?

Buttons and bows.

Thank heaven for little girls/boys

YEA I DID IT...... SO?

Big Brothers the reason for the screamin

Make up? What make up?


*Because I am the mom, THATS WHY!

*Daughters are little girls who grow up to be your best

Daddies little girl/boy

*Mommys little girl/boy

*Daddys helper

*Mothers and daughters become closer when daughters become mothers!

*Mommys chef

*Mommys little mess maker!

*Mommys Day job!

*Mommy/Daddys Pride and joy

*Like mother like daughter

*Like father like son

*My heart belongs to (Mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa)

*We made a wish, You came true!

*Daddy DID IT!




Whereís the lemonade?

*Dog days of summer-great saying for a picture of a dog laying out in the sun.

*Hello sunshine

Misc. sayings....

*A picture perfect day!

*You ought to be in pictures!


*Way to go!

*Road trip

*Over the river and through the woods.....


*House work really does make you ugly

*A giggle is always good.


*My aim is to keep this bathroom clean... Your aim would help.

*Ya gotta be kidding

*This isn't clutter, these are my antiques

*When in doubt, take a nap - great for those pics of dad a
sleep in front of the TV

*Lord slow me down

*Home work makes you ugly

*The house of a old grump and a nice person... You decide

*Old gardeners never die, they just sometimes go to pot!

*There is no life before coffee




No place like home for the holidays

Jesus is the reason for the season

Happy Birthday Jesus

Memories of the Holidays

Christmas Blessings

Dear Santa, I WANT IT ALL!

Be naughty and save Santa a trip!

Magical Holidays

A star is for luck.... an angel is for guidance

Waitin for Santa!

Keep the spirit of Christmas threw out the year

Christmas cookies and Holiday hearts...

that's the way the holiday starts

Friends and family, thatís the meaning of Christmas

We'll play our drums for him!

I believe!

Christmas is a Claus for Celebration

Christmas is sharing and caring

Deck the halls

Little town of Bethlehem

Meet me under the mistletoe!


Remember the reason for the season

Santa Collector


I've been good.......... um yea promise!

Surrounded with LOVE

There's no place like home for the holidays

This house believes in Santa Claus

Who needs Santa.... I have my grandma/grandpa/NANA fill in
with what you need

Who needs Santa.... I have VISA!!!

HO! HO! HO! To you!

Keep Christmas in our hearts forever!

The round man is coming to town!

Peace on Earth


Ring the bells, its Christmas!

New Year

Sing and dance and make good cheer,

let's make it last throughout the year!

Valentineís Day


Be Mine!

Be my love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Be my cupid!

Love ya valentine

Sealed with a kiss


Hugs and Kisses!

With you is where I like to be!

St. Patrick's Day

Best O'Luck

The Luck of the Irish Feelin Green!

Wedding & Anniversaries


I love being married to my best friend!

20 Happy Years (or how ever many you may need)

A dream that is dreamed bye two,

is a dream that will come true

Bless you both

Bless the Bride, bless the bowl,

bless the biscuits, give them soul

Something new, blue, old, borrowed (I couldn't remember how
this went exactly but hereís the idea in case you can remember!)

Choose thy love - Love thy choice!

To thee with Love

Our two hearts make one!

Oh, How sweet, He Loves Me!

Get me to the Church on time!


Boo From the Crew!

Boo to You!


Carving Out Good Times

Come as you aren't!

Costumes, and Pumpkins, & Candy, Oh MY!

Cutest Little Pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch


Happy Halloween, Whatever You Are!

I do believe in ghosts! I do! I do! I do!!!

It's a Spooktakular Party!

Mom's Little Monsters

Mom's Little Pumpkin

Monster Mash

Party Animal

Scaring Up Some Fun

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Trick or Treat! Give me something good to eat!

Trick or Treat & Something Sweet

Which Witch Are You?

Wild Thing