High School
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I don't remember where I found this!!

Senior High ABC's

A - Academics; ACT (as in tests); awards, Art Festival; Annuals, alumni, assembly, action, anything goes, All-American; appreciation; anticipation; athletics

B - books, backpacks, brains, be smart, biology, bake sales; bells (as in 'late bell!"); band; ball games; baseball; basketball; beauty review

C - college prep classes; computer lab; car wash; cheerleading; cheering on our team; cross country, cars & crusin'; college credits; calculator; calculus; choir; college applications; champions; championship; clothing; costumes; cartoons; community service; Christmas (dance, vacation, presents, program); cotillion

D - drama; debate; Driver's Ed; diploma; Ditch Day; drill team; dances

E - education; earth science; enthusiastic; essays; entrance tests; English class; Easter

F - Fine Arts; Fine Art Festival; French class; field trips; fabulous friends; freshman; FFA;FBLA; FHA or FCCLA (this is being decided nationally); fund raisers; football

G - grades, geography; golf; geometry; goin' out; gym; graduation; Grad Night

H - homeroom; honor roll; home economics; history; hairstyles; homework; holiday (Thanksgiving, President's Day, Memorial Day, etc.); hangin' out; high school;

I - intelligent, improvement, interests; Internet

J - journalism; joking around; Junior

K - kidding around; king (prom); keyboard, knowledge; kudos (grades, awards, etc.); kids (in action, etc.)

L - laughter; last in line; late nights out; library; learn

M - math; MTV; music; mascot; movies; meet. . .; men/men's (sports, etc.)

N - new kids; no parents!; new clothes; nice; nervous; naughty; nosy, N.H.S.; newspaper

O - Open House; oh no!;

P - pom poms; parents; Parents Breakfast; pet peeves; plays; portfolio; principal; policies; pool; prom; practice (band, sports, plays, activities)

Q - queen (prom & sports)

R - report cards; regionals; rules; riding around

S - school; speech; Student of the Week; student; super (teachers, students); Senior Breakfast; School's Out (for holiday, summer); school pride; Senior (class, pictures, trip,etc.); sophomore; SAT's; science; State (as on to State sports); superintendent; Spanish; School Secretary; Student Council; spring break; study; scholarship; softball; soccer; Spring Break;

T - team spirit; team; talent show; teachers; Teacher Appreciation Week; T-shirts; Thanksgiving

U - under; upper; University (as 'on to U of ?')

V - Valentine's; vacation (Christmas, Easter, etc.); vocabulary

W - win; wrestling; Webster's Dictionary; "Who's Who"; women/women's (sports, etc.)

X - X-tra [anything]: "X-tra, X-tra, read all about it"; X-ellent; X-rated

Y - yearbook; young; young at heart

Z - 'Z end'; zzzz's (sleeping)

Other things for inspiration:

- A-F grades

- Around the school (school name; landmarks, buildings, trees)

- Popular music (titles, words)

- Movies (Academy Awards, etc.)

- Reference books (dictionary, encyc, thesaurus)

- Class officers

- Around the city

- Teachers (names, classes)

- Mascot

- School song

- Yearbook (previous years - and yours!)

- Nicknames (teachers, students)

- Weather

- Sports (teams, games, equipment)

- Clubs

- Activities (plays, outings, dances, programs)

- Slang expressions

- Organizations

Also include:

(working backwards through year)

- graduation announcement

- single shot

- group shot

- party invitations

- gifts received

- copies of college letters acceptances (plus list of where

- events throughout the years:

- dances (Xmas dance, spring formal, Sadie Hawkins)

- sports games (football, basketball, baseball, soccer)

- trips (senior trip, away games, etc.)

NOTE : Save everything in Zip Lock bags and journal the event AT THE TIME, including date, who, what, where, when, how, why, plus feelings.

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