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October 17, 1999 Edition

Van Halen : Dance The Night Away
Dedicated to the Ladies of Jupiter!

For First Time Recipients

If you are receiving this for the first time what follows is a list of Jupiter Grads who have e-mail addresses. I've culled them from various sources (bulletin boards, friends, submissions from other E-Warriors, etc.).

In 1998 I had to move out to Nevada (Yes the dreaded Sin City, Las Vegas...CitiCorp has a headquarters here.) for career reasons. I wanted keep in touch. Scanning the web I had found a website called CLASSMATES that listed Alumni nationally. There was just one catch. You could list yourself for free. However, they charged you to see other folks' e-mail addresses. This is something like, "Give me something and I'll sell it back to you and others." Not a business model I appreciate.

A time later I read an article that theorized that everyone knows everyone else on the planet through a network of 5 to 7 other acquaintances. I said, "Let's test that, every E-Warrior must know every other E-Warrior". And so here's the list.

So send in any others you think might like to be listed!

For E-Warrior! List Alumni

Keep sending in new entries!


We've added new E-Warriors! and 2 "Mini-Warriors!" this time! Dana Bullock Smith has informed us a "Mini-Warrior" is on the way...Kimberly Hollister (Venne) has also delivered a new "Mini-Warrior"...see the Announcements section!

At the moment I have a backlog of new entries (100's)...I'll work them in everyone be patient...I'll get them all in. I do this the old fashioned way...I code the HTML by hand. :-)

Christine Bratko (1984) has submitted 7 new E-Warriors! :

Nina Bremekamp (1984)
Kristi Fisher (1984)
Lisa Jones (1984)
Betsy Nichols (1984)
Toni Chidsey (1984)
Michele Spano (1984)
Amy Wotanowicz (1984)

Shirley Morgan (1983) has discovered a new site like CLASSMATES only it is totally FREE.

Shirley's new site is at :

Michele Foley (Spear) (1981) has also discovered yet another alumni site and she informs us that it has no Jupiter people in it yet! Can you imagine that?

The site is :

Heather Adams (1988) has also discovered yet another Alumni site! However, it does have a fair number of Jupiter Grads in it.

The site is :


TOM GRANT (1980) has a new e-mail address :


Send in your Announcements and Requests!

Mini Warriors

Dana Bullock Smith (1988) is expecting! She says!

"...I am expecting a bundle of joy whom will be class of 2018..."

So everyone get your cigars ready!

Kimberly Hollister (Venne) (1988) has just given birth to a Mini Warrior! She Says!

" husband Gary and I had our first child on September 23, 1999.
His name is Hunter Kyle Hollister and we are thrilled..."

High Fives Everyone!

Mary Gerschick (1979) would like to attend the 1979 class reunion and has been informed Tad Norris is the contact. If anyone knows how to contact Tad please contact Mary! :-)

Kim Storch, 10th and 20th class reunion coordinator for 1980 has been found. However she needs our help. Apparently, Jan Meade (Campbell), has all the contact information from the 10th reunion. As yet we've been unable to locate Jan. Last we knew, she was living in Hobe Sound. Anyone who can help, or who is interested in attending the 20th reunion, is asked to contact Kim at :


Kim Storch-Stanley
47 Scarlet Drive
Fletcher, N.C. 28732

We've been informed Jan is listed in ClassMates. If anyone is a "member" of Classmates, please contact Jan on behalf of Kim and E-Warriors.

James Patterson (1980) is not yet an E-Warrior! but requested the publication of contact information (Jim may be moving to Gainesville and expects to become digital then!) :

James Patterson
3631 S.E. 19th Terrace
Okeechobee, Fl. 34974

For anyone out there arranging reunions....Jim says it would be truly appreciate being contacted and would like to hear from any old friends.