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Posted by Denny on the Stampin and Scrappin Message Board on November 19, 1998

Use a plain yellow circle and add sunglasses for a "cool" sun

Place stickers on the trophy to spell out "Best Dad" or anything else that comes to mind

Cut a three tiered wedding cake into three separate small cakes

Use the stencil from a dog die cut to make your own dog from white paper - add spots and a fire truck and you've got a Dalmatian.

Enhance the baby bib with stickers to spell "baby" or the baby's name if it is short. Use the part that you removed from the bib as a speech bubble!

Enhance the baby carriage with pen art lace and simple flower stickers.

Cut a butterfly in half and then it can be shown from a different angle.

Use a hole punch to add a worm's hole to an apple. The insert that was discarded from the sunglasses, makes a perfect worm.

Use scalloped scissors to take a bite out of your ice cream or any other food item.

Combine die cuts- a pig and a $ sign make a good piggy bank.

Carefully cut the legs off of the cow and move them so that the cow is jumping over the moon.

Cut apart the camera and it becomes a camera and a computer.... the insert that is punched out can become a "pop up" flash.

Add the scrap from the flower pot die cut to a horse as a unicorn's horn

Fill the basket die cut with baby items, Easter Eggs, flowers, etc.

Take the scrap from the basket and use it as a pot of gold OR a Halloween cauldron.

Use a die cut in your title..... Example: Use a die cut heart for the word love in a title.
Thirty Things To Do With a Die-Cut

1. Use the original shape itself as is.

2. Use the punched out part (I call this the template). Round corners for a different look.

3. Use the template and trace the shape using a pigma pen onto an album page.

4. Mount colored paper behind the template, mount on album page.

5. For ABC or number die-cuts, trim the straight edges of the template with decorative scissors and use them as fancy letters.

6. Using a short-handled scissors, cut an outline of the shape from the template. Just follow the curves and bends - the Shamrock looks particularly good, for example.

7. Decorate the die-cut shape with pens - trace a thin line just inside the shape, draw scales on the Fish, stems on the Leaves, write your school's name on the Bus or School House, etc.

8. Decorate the die-cut shape with stickers - stars on the Cowboy Hat & Boot, ornaments or lights on a Christmas Tree, an award ribbon on a Trophy, etc.

9. Trace the template onto other colors of paper and make another die-cut!

10. Trace the template onto photos. Ex: use the ABC letters to cut out the word "ZOO" from duplicate pix of a trip to the zoo.

11. Add a "blankie" to a Baby Carriage. Use the new fancy paper for a cute look.

12. "Dress" a Scarecrow with gingham paper.

13. Add fancy paper behind an Ornament die-cut to fill in the wavy stripes.

14. Make stained glass windows with pigma pens or colored paper for a Church or Cathedral Window die-cut.

15. Use a Heart die-cut as a picture frame.

16. Use the template part of a diecut as mounting paper behind a rectangular photo.

17. Use the Sunglasses die-cut in place of two Os for the word "Pool" or "Cool".

18. Overlap shapes and die-cuts - a yellow circle (sun) behind a Sailboat die-cut, an oval behind a Cross die-cut, etc.

19. "Fill" a Dump Truck die-cut with hearts and/or stars.

20. Add yellow mounting paper behind a Jack-o-lantern die-cut to light its candle.

21. Cut a template of four Acorns, Apples, or Leaves into quarters and decorate the four corners of a page.

22. For a fall page, use a Basket die-cut spilled over with Apple die-cuts tumbling out.

23. Use a Bow die-cut and strips of the same colored paper to tie a "ribbon" around a page.

24. Add a gingham scarf to a Snowman die-cut.

25. Cut a die-cut in half & place at the edges of a page; ex: 2 Sailboats gliding across the page, both only partially in view.

26. Pop open a Firecracker die-cut by cutting in half with a jagged line.

27. Trim a baby picture and place the baby in the bundle of a Stork die-cut.

28. Combine different colors of Train die-cuts to match your theme (Christmas, birthday, etc.) Or make more train cars using rectangular photos and paper circle wheels.

29. Cut three Umbrella die-cuts into thirds to make a striped beach umbrella.

30. Fold 3 Heart die-cuts in half, adhere the backs of them together to make a 3-D heart.

Compiled by Lindy Stromatt, Creative Memories Instructor, Indianapolis, IN.
Die-Cuts -

Use the die cut frame by:

a. using it as a stencil with a sponge and pigment ink pad or a rubber stamp and pigment ink pad

b. punching a design on the frame - Ex: stars on a star die-cut frame (be sure to save the punched stars too)

c. place a piece of patterned or contrasting colored paper behind the frame

d. crimp the frame

e. place stickers on the frame (flowers on a heart frame, etc.)

f. Use decorative scissors to cut strips to frame photos or "photo corners" from the corners of the frame

I made up an idea page with the pink camera and pink film frame. The title was "Pretty As A Picture". I also put photo
mounting paper on the display.
The pink camera is also good on any page with little girls dressing up or playing Barbie, etc.
Use a regular die-cut stencil to mat a Polaroid picture