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Christmas ABC's



A is for Angels in Bethlehem's sky, "Glorias" echoed from on high.

B is for Bells, ringing with cheer, Christmas Day will soon be here.

C is for Candle, each flickering flame Tells us on Christmas the Savior came.

D is for Doorways in trim, so gay, Welcome, welcome they seem to say.

E is for Evergreens, seen everywhere, Perfume of Christmas filling the air.

F is for Fireplace, a fine spot to rest, But for hanging stockings, it's really best.

G is for Gifts wrapped up and tied, With love for dear ones wrapped inside.

H is for Holly of bright red and green, At Christmas time, it's always seen.

I is for Infant so precious and dear, His birthday we celebrate every year.

J is for Jingle Bells as sleighing we go Over the hillsides covered with snow.

K is for Kitchen with sweet smells galore, The sample was good, but give me some more!

L is for Love; it seems to abound, Every time Christmas comes around.

M is for Music as carols we hear, Familiar tunes from far and near.

N is for Noel, the French people's way Of saying this is Christmas Day.

O is for Ornament, colorful and bright On a tree, such a beautiful sight.

P is for Peace, the Christ child its Prince Never another before or since.

Q is for Quiet, the first Christmas night As shepherds watched a star so bright.

R is for Reindeer, that pulled Santa's sleigh From rooftop to rooftop, Up, up and away!

S is for Santa, a fellow so jolly, Suit as red as the berries of holly.

T is for Trees, in each house they stand Trimmed and lighted, looking so grand.

U is for Universe, wherever you go Signs of Christmas clearly show.

V is for Village, full of neighbors and friends, Christmas greetings they all like to send.

W is for Window, through which we see, What someone has prepared so lovingly.

X is for Xmas, exciting, you see. But it's Christmas, Christmas always to me.

Y is for Yarn, all knitted and warm, To protect us during a winter storm.

Z is for Zero as temperatures fall, Cocoa and cookies for one and for all.