Cat Poems
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Posted by Denny on the Stampin and Scrappin Message Board on November 19, 1998

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Animal house



Cats understand the importance of a nap

Cool, cool Kitty

Fur-ever friends

Home is where your cat is

Im' paw'sable

I'm Not Rude, I've Got Cat-i-tude

In this house the cat's in charge

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Meow Spoken Here

Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, where have you been?


This house owned by one spoiled rotten cat

When you have a cat, Everyday is Purr-fect

Poem by a litter of red tabby kittens

We donít know who our daddy was,

Donít know, and we donít care.

But everyone who sees us says

He must have had red hair!

Tripping Over the Cat

(Keith Gunderson)

Tripping over a cat is no small thing.

I resolve to get the day off to a fast start,

Tripping over the cat.

Not tripping over the cat

And tripping ever my own feet

I hear my toes meow.

We go on vacation and board the cat at the vets.

I miss tripping over the cat,

Tripping over a tackle box.

Tripping over a friendís dog I say

"Iím sorry, there must be some mistake."

My small son tripping over a kitten

Illustrates the rest of his life.

Squatterís Rights

(Richard Shaw)

Listen, kitten,

Get this clear,

This is my chair.

I sit here.

Okay, kitty,

We can share;

When Iím not home,

Itís your chair.

Listen cat

How about

If I use it

When youíre out?



(Ann Kilmer)

I am inventing a transparent cat.

When he sits on your newspaper,

Or stands pointedly between you

and you book

You can still read,

When he spends the night on your

navy wool dress

You can still wear it in the morning.

There are drawbacks

Your breakfast bacon may pick up

and vanish.

I Watched Her Smallest Girl

(Hattie S. Clarke)

I watched her smallest girl

totter off to the first day of school

propped between two older sisters,

surprisingly protective.

I watched the woman

watch them also

with her suddenly empty arms

wrapped across her middle,

wrapped tight

though the day was warm.

Even when the children had turned the corner,

her eyes clung to that distance that they had filled

and she lowered herself to the porch step.

The cat detached itself gradually

from the dappled space next to the porch.

He moved toward the woman and sat,

slid toward her and sat,

until he was at her feet, watching her watchfulness.

Then he took over her lap

in a breath of movement,

forcing her arms to peel away from herself

and encircle him.

They commiserated.

I think she cried

as her fingers toyed at a snag in the soft, gray gur.

But the message was clear

in the upturned, unblinking

wise face of the cat

that no nest should ever be empty.

Hints for Cat-Lovers

(Edith Benedict Hawes)

Feed a yellow cat from willow pattern Ė blue.

Give a black cat his supper from a yellow bowl.

Let the Maltese have a gaudy dish Ė tomato-red will do.

And always feed white kittens from Dresden china.

Something modernistic for the calico cat;

But oh! For a gray Angora, with a white breast,

There is no scheme for soft contentment that

Outdoes a bit of rosy salmon in gray Wedgwood ware!