Birthday Poems
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Posted by Denny on the Stampin and Scrappin Message Board on November 19, 1998

Turning One
(Nancy Hart)

A year's gone by,

How time has flown,

We can't believe

how (name)'s grown!

She's such a joy

and so much fun,

Oh my! My baby's

turning ONE!


Goodbye Six -- Hello, Seven

(by Judith Viorst)

I'm getting a higher bunk bed.

And I'm getting a bigger bike.

And I'm getting to cross Connecticut Avenue all by myself,

if I like.

And I'm getting to help do dishes.

And I'm getting to weed the yard.

And I'm getting to think that seven could be hard.


Page Toppers

Fantastic four I wish for…

It’s wonderful being one

Just what I've always wanted

Look at me…I'm three

Nine is fine


Ready, set, blow

Silly sixes

Seven is heaven but eight is great

So many candles…so little cake

Terrific twos

The more candles the bigger the wish

Thrilling threes