Baby Album Ideas
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...for a shower gift, gender of baby unknown, ... used a sapphire 12X12, thinking that could go either way. (Also, the mom-to-be was already familiar with CM, so I didn't have
to include splits, pens, etc.

Each 2-page spread was related; some were alike on each side, some just had common colors. Many were just semi-fancy borders (pens and stickers). One had blue paper "water" across bottom with a ducky die cut swimming along. Some were pastel themes, though no really pink or really blue; used a little bit of gingham paper in both colors.
Several spreads were primary colors, several had corner triangles or triangles placed in pinwheel format, and I added an occasional sticker or die cut as the spirit moved me!

Most pages had no titles, but I did have one with Sunflowers titled "growing like a weed" and one really fancy spread for "baby's first Christmas"
The baby was the third in the family, and with 3 myself, I knew Mom wouldn't have much spare time, so the idea was to provide some "crop and stick" pages. I added a couple of
ruled pages in the back, so the total was 17 pages, I guess. I put page protectors on the pages before I gave it, to guard against sticky fingers.

I'm just doing one that combines several themes, and it's
turning out fun. Used the ABC baby list below, and have done all the right side pages in different quilt designs. The left sides each has a baby block with one alpha letter on each.
The left pages have just a simple design corresponding to the them - sometimes stickers, sometimes die cuts - but all coordinating with the right side quilt page. Here's the list:


A Anticipation (awaiting the arrival: shower; nursery/layette preparation)

B Baby's born (birth time, date; birth announcement; labor & newborn photos)

C Congratulations (letters, cards) or

C Car ride (coming home from hospital)

D Doctor's data (doc's name, baby's vital statistics - height, weight, Apgar); or

D Dad

E Events (news of the day - local, national, int'l - radio, TV, TV Guide)

F Family Ties (grandparents, parents, relatives) - family tree?

G Growing Up (date, age, height, weight several times in first year; or periodic photos taken throughout the first year with the same toy, such as a stuffed animal)

H Hospital (name, location; labor/recovery rooms, staff)

I Important Firsts (teeth, words, food, etc.)

J Joy & Laughter

K Keepsakes (hospital bracelet, lock of hair, basinette papers)

L Likes & Dislikes

M Memorable Occasions; or

M Mom

N Notable Achievements (smiled, first solid food, sat alone, pulled up, stood up)

O Out of Doors (visits, day trips, outings)

P Pets & Pals

Q Quotes & Questions

R Reflections (mom/dad, grandparent thoughts) or

R Religious events

S Smiles or

S Social Occasions (Baptism/christening) or

S School Days

T Toys

U Unique Talents or

U Ultrasound or

U Unforgettable Moments

V Visits or

V Vacations

W Ways you move (roll, crawl, walk); or

W What will be?; or

W Who were you named for?; or

W Where we lived

X X-tra special moments

Y You're special

Z zzzzz (lullaby & goodnight)