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Courtesy of Scrapbook Information Network

A- Anticipation, Awaiting the Arrival

B- Baby's Born, Birth Announcement

C- Congratulations, Cousins

D- Doctor's Data (vital statistics, vaccinations), Dad

E- Events (news of the day)

F- Family Ties

G- Growing Up (date, age, height, weight)

H- Happy and Healthy, Hospital

I- Important Firsts

J- Joy and Laughter

K- Keepsakes

L- Labor, Likes and Dislikes

M- Mom, Memorable Occasions

N- Nicknames, Notable Achievements

O-Our Family, Out of Doors(visits, day trips, outings)

P- Parents, Pets and Pals

Q- Quotes, Questions

R-Reflections (mom and dad's thoughts), Religious events

S- Social Occasions (Baptism, christening), School Days

T- Toys, Tales

U- Unique Talents, Ultrasound, Unforgettable Moments

V- Visits, Vacations

W- What will be?, Who you were name for, Where we lived

X- Xtra special moments

Y- Your family tree

Z-ZZZ (Lullaby and goodnight)

... Written by Christine Peters (revised slightly by Jennia Hart)